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Release 2.1

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Release 2.0

August 23rd, 2016

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August 1st, 2016

Release 1.7

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Release 1.6

November 17th, 2015

Release 1.5

October 1st, 2015

Release 1.4

September 1st, 2015

Release 1.3

January 15th, 2015

Goozzee on Yosemite

January 8th, 2015

Release 1.2

October 28th, 2014

Serious bug

August 28th, 2014

Little bugfix in release 1.1

August 25th, 2014

Release 1.1

November 24th, 2013

OSX Maverick Warning

September 12th, 2012

Alive and kicking

March 6th, 2012

The Windows bug is fixed

March 5th, 2012

Serious bug on Windows version

February 29th, 2012

Release 1.0

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Release 0.13.5

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Release 0.13.4

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December 1st, 2009

Release 0.13

February 4th, 2009

Goozzee 0.12

October 21st, 2008

Bam is gone...

July 1st, 2008

Goozzee 0.11.

January 25th, 2008

Goozzee 0.10.

August 25, 2007

Website redesign and release of Goozzee 0.09.

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May 1st, 2017 : Release 2.1

Release 2.1 is out, adding some nice features and bug fixes :
  • Properties can now have a type : string, number, range of numbers, date or list of choices. This might be the main feature of this release.
    For the "Date" type, a little calender appears when trying to modify the property's value.
    For the "List of Choices type, you can now define your own lists of choices associated to a property. Please see the documentation about how to proceed.
  • On the Network Edition, each user now has his/her homepage. A Home button was added beside the History buttons, to go straight to this Homepage. On Personal Edition, this Home button is visible too, and it leads to the Root page.
  • For Network Edition, the initialization of a new database is now much simpler: no need to run an initialization script anymore. Everything is done automatically from Goozzee's configuration screen.
  • The search history of each user is saved and restored when Goozzee starts.
Plus some bug fixes, mainly in properties management, and in the ontology editor. Please see the Release Notes for the complete list of modifications.

And as usual, comments, critics and ideas are very welcome !

Hope you'll enjoy this new version..

December 1st, 2016 : Release 2.0

Goozzee continues its evolution with this new major release.

The main features of this release are:
  • Improved UTF-8 support : in the last versions, support for non-latin charsets was completely broken, with weird characters appearing here and there. This was not acceptable. The whole source has been reviewed to fix this annoying issue, and it now works as expected.
  • Better searches : some people were complaining about the many checkboxes appearing on the search dialog. It made searching non-intuitive : one would wonder which checkbox to click to get his search result.
    All these checkboxes have now disappeared. When you search for something, just type a search string, press enter, and Goozzee will always search in all the data : notes, topics titles, documents and properties.

    To keep search results clear, they are now spread over 3 tabs :
    • topics : for results found among topic titles or topic notes
    • documents : for results found among documents
    • properties : for results found among categories, property names or property values.
    And after displaying the search results, Goozzee tries to set the focus on the most relevant tab.

    What's more you can now build complex search queries. You can for example search for "bar" or ("bee" and not "foo").
    Please check the documentation for the syntax to use in these searches.

    In order to support UTF-8, an option was added to the user preferences window : "Use Full Text Search". By default, this option is activated. But if you're using non-latin characters, you'll have to uncheck it. This is due to the fact the Mysql's "Full Text Searches" only work with latin charsets. Launching a "Full Text Search" with non-latin characters will results in **very** long searches. Desactivating the "Full Text Searches" fixes this issue. But be aware that once this option is unchecked, you won't be able to build complex searches anymore.

    Finally, the search window now contains a drop down list that keeps the last searches you have launched. Makes it easier to re-launch a search.
  • Some work has also been done on the Ontology Editor :
    • It's now possible to delete roles and scopes right from the Ontology Editor
    • In the tree of classes, the number of instances/subclasses of each class is now displayed.
    • Some sorting errors have been fixed
    • A layout problem has been corrected when editing constraints
    • When selecting a class, the contextual menu proposes to open this class in the main window.
  • But the most important feature might be the least visible one : the upgrade of the database layout. Some tables and fields were removed, others added, laying the path to future features.
    Depending on the amount of data your Goozzee contains, this update will take from 1 second to a few minutes. This upgrade is pretty easy to do :
    • If you're using Goozzee Personal Edition, before opening the main window, the program will advise you to take a backup of your data before launching the update (just take a copy of the directory located in your homedir). When the update is done, the main window opens.
    • for Goozzee Network Edition users, the process has been largely improved, compared to previous major releases.
      Of course, you'd better take a backup of your database before launching the update. Then, launch the new Goozzee and connect to your repostory with the administrator user. An upgrade dialog will appear, where you'll have to enter the user and password of the administrator user of your database (usually the root user). This window will connect to the database and launch all the update operations. When this s done, beware that all the other users will have to install the new Goozzee version, in order to be able to connect to the upgraded repository.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you encounter any problem with this new release.

August 23rd, 2016 : Website Update

The whole Goozzee documentation is now available here online. Clicking the Documentation tab, you'll get to the Network Edition and Personal Edition documentation pages.
So that, if you want more info about Goozzee, you don't have to download the software to have access to the user manual.... :-)

August 1st, 2016 : Release 1.7

Time for a new release.
This one brings two new little features :
  • The user manual, that used to be a PDF file, is now replaced by html pages. These pages are accessed by hitting the F1 key. This is a contextual help, meaning that depending on where you are in Goozzee, F1 will open a help page corresponding to the action you're about to do.
    If you're new to Goozzee, please take some time to read these pages. The first chapters should give you a good overview of what Goozzee can be used for.
  • One feature that was missing in the text editor : searching. This is now possible, using the search control at the right hand of the text editor's toolbar. F3 will search for the next occurrence, and SHIFT+F3 for the previous one.
A few crashes have been fixed too, and the source code got a serious cleaning.
Please check the ReleaseNotes file for a detailed list of all modifications.

And as usual, your feedback, positive or negative, is very welcome !

February 1st, 2016 : Release 1.6

Release 1.6 is finally ready and published.

Large parts of the code managing the properties have been rewritten, and should be more user friendly to use and less buggy :
  • You can now use shortcuts (Shift+Enter and Ctrl+Shift+Enter) to rapidly add properties or categories
  • The size of the cells now adapts automatically to their contents
  • Properties now also appear in the Ontology Editor, so that you can define the default properties associated to a class
The Ontology Editor has been improved too, especially for managing constraints, and some crashing bugs have been corrected. There is still lots to be done on this editor, but it's getting better release after release.. :-)

And a few bug corrections and code cleanings...

This release doesn't bring any modification in the database layout. So you just have to install the new client and it will fly.

Make sure you read the Release Notes for a detailed list of the new features and bug corrections.

As usual, your comments, ideas, critics, bug reports are very welcome ! :-)

November 17th, 2015 : Release 1.5

Here is release 1.5.
It mainly brings 2 novelties :
  • Charles Castelain did a great work on the Linux build process, so that from now on, compiling Goozzee on Linux should be much easier, using autoconf and automake. Many thanks to him !!
    Check the user manual (located in the Documentation directory) for the updated build instructions.
  • On Goozzee Personal Edition, I added a check as repair of the database, in case of corruption.
And the usual bunch of bug fixes and code cleanup.... Please check-out the Release Notes for the complete list.

Enjoy !

October 1st, 2015 : Release 1.4

I had left such big bugs in previous version, that I could not leave it without a quick fix. Here it is : release 1.4 brings a viable Ontology Editor, and a few little improvements here and there.
Please have a look at the Release Notes file for a detailed list.

September 1st, 2015 : Release 1.3

Here comes the time for a new release. This time, I focused on simplifying Goozzee configuration : creating classes, roles, scopes was not easy. And creating constraints was really tricky.
All of this should be much simpler now, thanks to a new window -- the Ontology Editor -- that you can reach via the Display menu.
This window shows classes as a tree, roles and scopes as lists, and right-clicking allows you to easily add new items.
The right part of the window is reserved for your constraints. Right-click to create a new one, and just drag'n drop the desired classes and roles into your new constraint...
Please have a look at the user manual (you can open it from the Help menu) for more details about this new feature. I highly advise you to get used to Goozzee's constraints : they are the key feature that will help you organize your knowledge base !

And, as usual, a few bugs were fixed. Check out the Release Notes file for a complete descriptions of all the improvements.

Comments, critics, ideas, feedback, bug reports, everything is always very welcome ! Don't hesitate to mail me at michel dot laglasse at gmail dot com.

January 15th, 2015 : Goozzee 1.2 on OSX Yosemite

Today, I just upgraded my laptop from OSX Maverick to Yosemite, and everything works fine. I didn't even have to recompile the binary generated on Maverick. So let's make it official : Goozzee 1.2 is definitely compatible with OSX Yosemite. You Mac users can give it a try :-)

January 8th, 2015 : Release 1.2

As most of you have noticed, latest Goozzee releases were completely broken on Windows (XP, 7, 8..). This should be fixed with today's release. I tested it on Windows XP, 7 and even the upcoming Windows 10, and it works fine !

As mentioned in my previous post, the problem was caused by some memory allocation particularity on Windows, that broke Goozzee's plugins (the multi-user and single-user plugins that Goozzee was using for all its database accesses).
Unfortunately, in order to fix this issue, I had to move away from this plugin architecture : after two weeks of fumbling with the code, it appeared to be the safest, cleanest and fastest option.

So, from now on, we'll have two programs to choose from :
  • Goozzee Personal Edition : a single-user program that uses embedded Mysql to store its data locally. If you want to give Goozzee a quick first try, this is the one for you.
  • Goozzee Network Edition : the multi-user version, that connects to a Mysql Server.
Note that these two programs have exactly the same features (except, of course, for things specific to single-user or multi-user usage) : they are generated from the very same source code. And they remain 100% compatible with previous Goozzee versions. Just use "Personal Edition" to access your former single-user knowledge bases, and "Network Edition" for the multi-user ones. Nevertheless, for those of you using a Goozzee release < 1.0 in multi-user mode, you'll first have to run the DBUpgrade utility that's delivered with Goozzee.

Apart from this big change, this new release brings a couple of new features :
  • On linux, it's now possible to use Goozzee in single-user mode. Yes ! There is now a "Personal Edition" for linux ! With exactly the same features as on Windows and Mac.
  • Unfortunately, on Linux, you'll still have to compile it yourself. There's still no binary release. BUT, linking with Mysql should now be much easier.
  • The user manual can now be opened directly from the Help menu
  • and a number of other little improvements and bug fixes that you'll discover here and there... :-)
You can check the Release Notes file for a complete list of what was modified.

One last note for Mac users : beware that this release may ot be compatible with OSX Yosemite. It was generated on Maverick, and I have no way to test it on the newest OSX. I'll publish a Yosemite version as soon as I have upgraded my Mac...

That's it for now. I hope you'll enjoy this release.
And, as usual, your feedback (good or bad) is very welcome !!

Oct. 28th, 2014 : Serious bug

I just realized that, on Windows 7 and Windows 8, you cannot use Goozzee in single-user mode : it crashes at startup. This seems to be due to a memory management difference between Win XP and Win 7/8. I'm still struggling to design a fix for this issue, but it may take some time (maybe up to a few months... hard to tell right now). I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.
For those of you who still want to use Goozzee in single-user mode on Windows, please download release 0.13.5. The reporting system is buggy on this release, but at least the rest of the program should run on Win 7/8.
The Linux and Mac OSX versions are not affected by this problem.

Aug. 28th, 2014 : Little bugfix in Release 1.1

Many thanks to Karl who detected a little issue in the source release of Goozzee 1.1. This is a minor bug : some unused variable that could break compilation on some compilers.
This is now fixed, and the goozzee.src.1.1.tar.gz file has been updated in the download area.

Aug. 25th, 2014 : Release 1.1

Finally, after two and a half years of testing, debugging, cleaning, Release 1.1 is ready. It's not perfect yet, there are still a few outstanding bugs, but... well... I didn't want to delay this release forever, and the remaining bugs are minor ones.
Do NOT expect extraordinary new features: it's mainly a bugfix / code cleanup release. I tested it as much as I could, so it should be very stable -- especially the reporting system that was buggy as hell : it's been partly rewritten and works now pretty well.
Beware that, if you want to use the Mac OSX version, you'll need OSX Maverick: older OSX versions are not supported anymore. If you have an older OSX, you can still use release 1.0: it remains compatible with 1.1.

A release notes file is included in the downloaded package, as well as a user manual explaining how to take advantage of Goozzee's power. I Highly recommend you to have a look at this user manual, since the most powerful Goozzee features are not so obvious (like scopes, inheritance, constraints, reports..) and these features are really what makes Goozzee different and powerful.

And as usual, any comments, requests, bug reports are very welcome. Feel free to mail me at michel dot laglasse at gmail dot com

November 24th, 2013 : OSX Maverick Warning

Beware OSX Users : if your machine runs OSX 10.9 Maverick, Goozzee 1.0 doesn't seem to run well on it. But I will not have the time to prepare a Maverick specific version until the next release.
By the way, even though last release was almost 2 years ago, I'm still working hard on improving Goozzee. I couldn't publish a new version sooner, since I had to wait for the wxWidgets 3.0 release to get some decent Cocoa support on OSX. Now that wxWidgets 3.0 is out, I still have a few bug to fix, then I'll start the tests for the next release.
This release will not bring many new features, bug many bug fixes, optimisations, and code cleanup.
But we are still a few months away from it...

One thing's fore sure : even though I don't post as many updates as I used to, this project is still alive, I work every single day on it, and I have many ideas I will implement in the future release.
So, stay tuned !
And don't hesitate to contact me if you have ideas, critics... I badly need user feedback !! Mail me at michel dot laglasse at gmail dot com

September 12th, 2012 : Alive and kicking

For those of you who may be thinking that this project is stalled, please be assured that it's alive and kicking ! I just didn't update this page for a few months, because hit many issues, since :
  • - I upgraded to a decently recent version of mysql, which led to problem with my Mysql plugins
  • - I renewed my development machine, with a brand new Macbook Pro running Lion, but since Carbon development isn't supported anymore on Lion, I had to
  • - Upgrade wxWidgets to the latest development release, using wxCocoa instead of wxCarbon. But this version isn't yet production ready : some windows parts are continuously flickering, and drag'n drop is broken
  • I also changed my Linux development distribution from Ubuntu to Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop (much better !)
All of this led to a huge loss of time dealing with crap . But now, most things are fixed, and I finally started to do some real work :
  • LOTS of code cleanup and optimization (but still **LOTS** remaining)
  • redesign of the user preferences window, which gave layout problems with the latest wxWidgets release
  • debugging the user management window
  • and of course, many bugfixes
For now, I'm busy on the reporting functionnality, trying to make it more stable (it was crashing every here and there...), more useful...
I'm also conscious of a bug that appears on Windows 7, when uploading or opening a document. For now, I don't have access to some Win7 machine to debug it, but I may soon get one :-). So I'll work on this issue ASAP.
BUT, beware that I won't release any new version until wxWidgets 3.0 is out, i.e. when I have a decent and stable OSX Cocoa version. And I guess it won't be until next year, even though the wxWidgets development team is doing a TERRIFIC work !!!

And as always, feedback, ideas, critics, bug reports always very welcome : michel dot laglasse at gmail dot com :-)

March 6th, 2012 : The Windows bug is fixed.

This morning, I replaced the Goozzee-1.0.msi file available for download with another one where the nasty bug is fixed.
For those of you who hit that bug, please uninstall the buggy version, install the new one, and before launching it, make sure that you delete or rename the GOOZZEE key from your Windows registry, otherwise Goozzee will keep issuing error messages at startup.

I'm really sorry for the onconvenience. At least, it shows how important user feedback is : when an application is becoming big enough, it's getting harder and harder to test every possible situation... So, if you hit any other problem, please let me know. I'll fix it as quick as I can.

March 5th, 2012 : Serious bug on Windows version.

For those of you who downloaded de Windows version of release 1.0, a serious bug makes it crash at startup. It should only affect new installations; people upgrading from a previous version **should** not be affected.
Anyway, a fix is being tested. I'll release it as soon as it's OK.
MANY THANKS to Mike Magee for notifying me about the issue !

February 29th, 2012 : Release 1.0

After almost a year of work, it's time for a new release.
I thought it deserved the 1.0 version number, since it's now very stable and mature (except for the reporting feature, that is still very crash prone, and experimental).
This release brings very few new features, but many old bugs have been fixed. See the Release Notes file for the complete list.
Do not forget to upgrade your repository, otherwise the Goozzee client will refuse to log you into your repository. The upgrade is now done using the new DBUpgrade program. It replaces the old UpgradeDB.bsh script. DBUpgrade is contained in the downloaded package. Please read the user manual before using it, to avoid any upgrade problem.
Note also that the Mysql Dynamic plugin is not available anymore; from now on, you must use the Static plugin to connect to a multi-user repository. So you'll have to adapt your config... Sorry for the annoyance..
And as usual, any feedback (positive or negative) is very welcome, either by mail (michel dot laglasse at gmail dot com) or via the Goozzee forum on Sourceforge. And don't hesitate to contact me if you have any problem while installing, upgrading, or even using this software. I'm always glad to help..

Enjoy !

May 8th, 2011 : Release 0.13.5

I Discovered another awful bug, one that erased notes when creating a new topic. Now that it's fixed, it was so serious that it deserves a new release. Apparently, this bug was present since release 0.13.0. In case one of you lost some data because of it, note that there is no way to get that data back, except from a backup.
The Internationalization is ready, which means that Goozzee will now support multiple languages for its interface. You can switch languages from the Preferences window. For now, only English, French and Dutch are supported. But adding new languages is now very easy.
Apart from that, no other new feature was added, just a few bugfixes and loads of code cleanup.

As always, comments, ideas, bug reports are very welcome, either by mail (michel.laglasse at or on the Goozzee forum.

February 26th, 2011 : Release 0.13.4

Thanks to a post from lempc on the Goozzee forum, a serious bug has been identified, that crashes Goozzee at startup, before reaching the main screen, when using an embedded Mysql engine (which is the default when you launch Goozzee for the first time ...) Too baaad.. This release is just a quick fix for this bug; so it doesn't include the latest developments I've been working on this month : Internationalization. More about this soon : it's almost ready for production ....

February 2nd, 2011 : Release 0.13.3

Time for a new release. This is still a minor one, but it brings a few improvements, mainly in the search window, which was almost entirely rewritten. The most noticeable change is that search results are now separated in two tabs, Topics and Documents. And behind the scene, the code is cleaner, smaller, and should be faster, especially when searching for documents.
Among other changes :
  • a background thread automatically cleans up the directory containing your temporary files
  • the inner layout of the main window (i.e. the size of the buttons areas) is now saved and recovered from session to session
  • the various dates and times appearing here and there are now formatted according to the national settings of your computer.
  • in the document properties dialog, a list has been added, showing the topics the document is linked to.

And some bug fixing, especially on the uploads (they now work as expected! yes, they do !! :-) ). And LOADS of code cleanup !

Next release will bring more code cleanup, and, hopefully, some internationalization stuff.. We'll see..

Stay tuned !

November 19th 2010 : Release 0.13.2

Another minor release.
Well, not so minor: apart from fixing various bugs here and there, it brings a new feature: it's now possible to pre-define some reports. Each report definition describes the layout of the report, and the various topics that must be used to build it. When saved, this report appears among the list of documents of the topic, as a reguler document. And when one opens such a report, it collects the needed topics, and generates a ready-to-print document.
The user interface of this reporting system is still pretty basic -- it will surely improve in the future -- , but it's already powerful and stable enough to be useful. See the user manual for more details about it.
Apart from that, it's now possible to do stuff -- like open, check-out, unlink.. -- on multiple documents at the same time.
Some 'keep-alive' thread has also been added. It's invisible, and runs in the background. Its goal is to prevent Goozzee from being disconnectd from Mysql. So now, you can leave Goozzee running on your computer for days...
What's more, for people willing to give Goozzee a quick try, the setup is now a bit easier : there's no need to define a connection to a repository. A default single-user database is pre-configured. So, from now on, when you run Goozzee for the first time, you just start the program and click OK on the login screen, and voilĂ .
And finally, the default ugly colors have been replaced by some (hopefully) better ones.

That's it for this time. I hope the next release won't take another 10 long months.

As usual, comments, bug reports, ideas, critics are very welcome !

January 21st 2010 : Release 0.13.1

I had promised to deliver new releases more often.. here's one. It's a minor evolution : it mostly corrects a bad bug in the previous Windows release : one sql file was missing, and another one was incorrect, making Goozzee completely unusable.. I wonder how so many people downloaded it, and nobody complained that it did not work...

This release also brings some improvements :
  • Little by little, the program becomes multi-threaded, starting with the documents uploads: you can now select multiple files to upload into the repository. And while the selected files are being processed in the background, you can keep on browsing, searching and editing your topic map.
  • On the main window, the labels showing the various roles have been improved : they now display on multiple lines when needed, and they also show a count of the associaions they contain.
  • In addition to checking a document in and out, you can now simply release its lock, without having to upload a new version.
  • The basic topics -- the ones created during database initialization -- are now protected against renaming.
  • For 'non-admin' users, the 'unlock' button doesn't appear anymore at the bottom of the main window. It was useless anyway ...
  • On Windows, the installer now creates a shortcut to the user manual, in the Windows/Programs/Goozzee menu.
Some bugs have been fixed too, and some memory leaks plugged.

As usual, comments and critics very welcome ! Don't hesitate to post on the forum to report problems or share your ideas about improvements or missing features !

Enjoy !!

January 6th 2010 : Multi-threading experiments

December has been a busy month :
  • debugging some known issues remaining after the last release : some properties inheritance issue, and a crash when right-clicking a document name while renaming it. These problems are fixed now.
  • working on some improvements :
    • adding the possibility to release a checked-out document (without checking it back in)
    • removing the annoying and useless 'Unlock' button, and replacing it with some more explicit text showing who is locking a topic
    • preventing the renaming of the basic topics (the ones created during the database initialization)
    • when checking a document in, pre-selecting it from the default directory
    • in the buttons areas, displaying the roles labels over multiple lines when necessary. And centering them.
    • still in the buttons areas, displaying the number of buttons per role, in each role label
  • and last but far from least, I started to make Goozzee 'multi-threaded', i.e. allowing multiple operations at the same time. So that, in the future, one could import a topic map, while uploading documents into a topic, while browsing other topics. All at the same time.
    For now, it's still pretty limited : only the upload of documents runs in a separate thread. But the novelty is that multiple documents can be selected at once. And while the thread is uploading your documents, you can browse other topics, launch searches, and so on. A status bar has been added to the main window, constantly showing the number of documents still waiting to be uploaded.
    This feature still need a bit of polishing, but it"s already very fast and reliable, on all supported OS, wether you use Goozzee in single- or multi-user mode.

Now, back to the threads... :-)

December 1st : Goozzee 0.13 is out

Release 0.13 is finally ready to be published, after almost a year of development. It's not perfect yet, but still good enough for production use.

Here are the main novelties brought by this version :
  • First : Windows support. Yes, Goozzee now runs on Windows machines. I have been using this version for my professional needs during 6 months before making it public, and it's fast and very stable, so much that I will definitely keep on using it as my only professional documentation repository. This version was developped and tested on Windows XP, but I guess it should work on Windows 7 too.
  • Second : simpler, unified look, whatever the operating system. The OSX and Linux Looks were too bloated, while the default Windows look seemed dull, with its grey buttons over grey backgrounds. Now all the buttons appear as flat squares (making the main window less bloated), and colours are customizeable, on a 'per database' basis, so that you can define a different colour scheme for each of your repositories..
  • Third : better security. On former releases, all Goozzee users connected to the database using the same default Mysql user/password. That was not very clean. And Goozzee users were only a bunch of records in one of the database tables, with their passwords un-encrypted. From now on, each Goozzee user connects to the database with his/her own Mysql user/password, and thus passwords are encrypted inside Mysql's system tables.
  • Fourth : single-user mode. For those of you who don't need to share their knowledge bases with other users, or want to avoid the somewhat complex setup of a mysql server, it's now possible to run Goozzee using an embedded Mysql server that does all the repository creation for you, locally on your computer. You just need to create a new repository connection in Goozzee's configuration window, and select the 'EmbeddedMysql' plugin. This will automatically create a single user repository in your home directory. But beware that this feature isn't available on Linux yet.
And some minor improvements, such as :
  • Each user can now change his/her password, using the Preferences window.
  • The layout of the prints has been improved, showing the topic name in the header, and the page, goozzee version and date on the footer.
  • On the search window, less search criterion are selected by default, and the user needs to enter at least 3 characters as a search string. This is meant to avoid too greedy queries on the database that would penalize other users.
  • In the topic creation window, the list of proposed classes is now sorted alphabetically.
That's all about the new features.

I realize that such a long delay between two releases is just not acceptable. So from now on, I'll try to publish new versions at a faster pace : each time a new significant feature is ready, or when a serious bug is patched, I'll publish a minor version (ex. : 0.13.1, 0.13.2...). Such minor versions won't be as deeply tested as major releases, but they should remain stable enough for serious use.
And we'll switch to a major release number as soon as the new version requires an upgrade of the database layout. This version will be deeply tested from A to Z.

So next minor release will be 0.13.1, and the next major one should be 0.14... or maybe 1.0, who knows...

As usual, your comments/critics/suggestions are very welcome : I really need your feedback ! So don't hesitate to post on the new forum, I'll be glad to hear from you.

February 4th : Goozzee 0.12 is out

After many weeks of testing and debugging, it looks like it's stable enough for a realease.

Release 0.12 mainly brings two new features :
  • Unicode support : you can use Goozzee in any charset you like -- hebrew, arabic, russian, japanese, whatever ... --, even playing with multiple charsets simultaneously..
  • constraints in associations :once you have created a classes hierarchy describing your knowledge domain, you can tell Goozzee which classes can be linked together. This way, whenever a user creates a new topic or association, Goozzee will automatically propose the possible topic classes and roles, as well as the association type. This will help enforce some level of standardization of the topics types and associations the users will create.
Please take some time to read the detailed release notes, since they give more indications about how the metadata have been reorganizedin order to support constraints; they also list the vaious bugs that were fixed.

As usual, this release is available in binary format for Mac OSX intel (>= 10.4), and in source format for Linux and Mac OSX. Test were done on Mac OSX Leopard and Ubuntu 8.10 32 bits; but compiling the source on other Linux distributions shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't use 64 bits Linux, and you have installed the required packages (wxGTK-dev and libmysqlclient-dev). Support for 64 bits Linux should be available in the next release.

If you're upgrading from a previous release, make sure you upgrade your repository using the UpgradeDB.bsh script. Anyway, a 0.12 cient wil refuse to connect to a repository from a previous version.

Hoping you'll enjoy this release.

Comments, critics, suggestions always very welcome !

I can't tell yet what the next release will bring. Hopefully Linux 64 bits support. Maybe some windows port or some internationalization of the interface... God knows ...

Stay tuned !

October 14th 2008: Bam is gone...

My girlfriend passed away on October 1st, 21:45, leaving a gigantic hole in her family's, friends' and colleagues' hearts. With her legendary strong character, her continuous smile, and her incredible courage, she impressed us all during all these years.

Anne-Marie Belfiore et Michel Laglasse, Sardaigne, printemps 2008

She was everything to me, we were so close, so similar and so complementary to each other. We tried to have as much good time as possible during the twelve years we lived together, doing our best to minimize the effects of the scleroderma disease she was suffering from.

Her departure has ruined my life, leaving me completely lost and wondering about my future. If there's something after Death, I just hope she doesn't suffer anymore, hoping to join her again when my time comes.

Thanks for reading.

July 1st 2008 : Release of Goozzee 0.11.

As planified, after 6 months of work, here comes the time for a new release. But don't expect any outstanding new feature. I mainly worked on improving and stabilizing things, and preparing for a future Windows port. Nonetheless, some new capabilities have been added :
  • Documents can now be inherited from classes to instances.
  • Notes templates can be predefined, and applied to newly created topics.
  • When creating a new topic, the creation dialog allows the selection of the class, the role, the access rights and the template to apply to the new topic.
What's more, the Properties tab, which was Goozzee's most unstable part, has been entirely rewritten. It should now work much better - if not perfectly - on both Linux and Mac OSX.

If you were already using an earlier version of Goozzee, don't forget to launch the UpgradeDb script, in order to update the layout and version of your repository.

Hoping you'll enjoy this new release, stay tuned for the next developments, towards release 0.12.

January 25th 2008 : Release of Goozzee 0.10

After a few months of testing / debugging / re-testing, I think the whole stuff is clean and stable enough to be released in the wild.

This release brings a few new features, such as :
  • a real locking system for notes, properties and documents, to prevent multiple users to modify the same piece of information simultaneously
  • the possibility to insert images into notes
  • a mime types management window, to associate specific document types to your preferred applications
  • an improved layout of the main window
  • a window showing the detailed properties of a file
  • easy creation of new roles and association types, straight from the association edition window
  • a better About dialog box, showing statistics about your repository
.. and the usual bunch of bugs busting and code cleaning that should make it even more stable...
Make sure to check the release notes file for a detailed description of all that's been done. This release was tested on Mac OSX 10.5 Intel using Mysql 5 and wxMac-2.8.6 and on Geubuntu using Mysql 5 and wxGTK-2.8.6. But it should compile and work correctly on most Linux distribution, and on Mac OSX >= 10.3.

Now that the multi-user support is pretty complete, and the whole application is fairly stable, I think it's reasonable to switch its SourceForge classification from Alpha to Beta stage.
I hope you'll enjoy this new release, and I'm looking forward for your comments/critics/suggestions...


August 25th 2007 : Release 0.09 and website redesign

Two great news for today:

First, as you can see, the whole website's got a brand new face. The previous layout was way too minimalist, and it was getting urgent to give it a cleaner look.

And second stuff for today :

Here it is, the 9th Goozzee release!

. After almost 4 years of development, we've got now something very usable, with user-defined shortcuts, scopes, a real text editor, users and groups management, browsing history, documents ans topics access rights, XTM files import/export, topics print and print preview... I find it hard to believe I got this far, working an average of 2 hours a day, just for fun. Slowly but surely.

Still, I want it to remain classified as Alpha stuff in sourceforge's trove classification system, until some document locking system is implemented. But that doesn't mean it's completely broken or unstable; I think it's already perfectly suitable for personnal use. I use it with a 100MB documents repository, and I find it rather pleasant and easy to use. So don't hesitate to give it a try!

Still, It's available only for Linux and Mac OSX (I hope I'll have some time to port it to Windows sometime next year). It's equally advanced on both platforms, though each version has its own limitations, due to some wxWidgets and OS differences :
  • on Mac OSX, drag'n drop support is not as good as expected, and scrollbars never show up correctly in the properties tab. These are definitely wxWidgets problems.
  • on Linux, the Mime implementation varies from distribution to distribution, so when you double-click a document from the repository to open it, most of the time Linux won't find the right application to open it. Suse 10 Desktop is pretty bad at it, while Ubuntu seems a bit better.
Let's hope these issues will be fixed in the future...

This release only brings two new features :
  • a real wysiwyg text editor, so that your notes won't look dull anymore: it's now possible to play with fonts, styles, indentations, alignments, colors, bullets... Pretty cool.
  • a new search engine using Mysql's full text searches. Search results should now be more relevants, and searches should be faster.
  • and a few bug fixes here and there...

    The rest of these 6 development months was wasted on fixing side effects of the migration to wxWidgets-2.8.

    So download, compile and have fun! And let me know if you have any problem. michel.laglasse at Comments and critics always welcome!

    Next release will focus on documents and notes locks.

    See you soon,

    March 24th 2007 : Release 0.08

    After nine long months of development, it's now time for a new release.

    Release 0.08 brings access rights to goozzee : each topic and document is assigned an owner (user and group), so that some parts of the repository can be made visible only to some users, or read-only to everyone....
    Two new dialogs have been created to allow the management of users and groups. What's more, some users can be defined as "Administrators", they will be the only ones allowed to manage users and groups.

    And the usual load of bug fixes...

    Two file bundles are available for download :

    • a source release. (Compilation has been tested on Mas OSX PowerPC 10.3, Suse 10 Desktop and Debian.)
    • a binary release for Mac OSX PowerPC >= 10.3. This binary release his statically linked with wxWidgets 2.6.
    If you already use an earlier Goozzee version, don't forget to run the script to upgrade to the new database layout.

    As usually, I'll be glad to hear you critics, comments or questions!
    Don't hesitate to mail me: michel.laglasse at


    June 24th, 2006 : Release 0.07.

    Here comes the time for a new release.
    During these 6 long months, only 2 new features have been implemented :

    • user-defined shortcuts : instead of 2 fixed shortcuts displayed in the toolbar, users can now easily define their own shortcuts to the topics they use most. These shortcuts appear in a little floating window; adding/removing shortcuts is done via contextual menus, or by dropping topic from the search window onto the shortcuts window.
      Each of these shortcuts can also be assigned a scope, i.e. you can define a shortcut that opens topic Foo in scope Bar. Of course, shortcuts are saved into the database, so they follow you when you run Goozzee from another computer.
    • new configuration dialog. It's sometimes handy to define multiple goozzee databases, for example one for tests, one for personal stuff, one for business data... Until now, connecting to one database or an other wasn't that easy (passing parameters on the command line)... Not really user-friendly...
      Now, from the login dialog, you can open a small configuration window that allows you to pre-define connections to your different goozzee databases.Once you have defined these connections, a drop down list lets you choose, from the login dialog, which database to connect to.
      What's more, the program remembers the last connection you used and proposes it by default. It also remembers, for each defined connection, the last user you used, and proposes it by default.
    Apart from these two novelties, a lot of time has been spent tuning the XTM import/export functionality. The result is a much cleaner code (loads of bug fixes), and a nice speed boost : imports are now twice as fast, and export are 15 times faster !

    There's also a complete user manual, that explains pretty much everything about Goozzee, from setup to advanced use. Make sure to have a look at it : it explains how topic maps work, and clarifies many Goozzee tricks that may not be so obvious at first glance.

    And the usual load of bug fixes...

    Even though I still regard it as alpha-release, this software is already pretty stable and usable.

    The Mac OSX binary release was developed on OSX 10.3.9.

    The Linux binary release was successfully tested on Debian stable and Ubuntu Dapper Drake. I unsuccessfully tested it on Suse Enterprise Server 8 (library incompatibility problem due to aging Suse 8), and Suse Enterprise Server 9 (the display plugin doesn't load for some weird reason...).

    Since I don't have access to many of different test platforms, I'll be glad to hear from you, whether you succeed or not to build and run it on your platform. Drop me a mail, you'll make my day ! :-)

    Happy Goozzing !

    December 21th, 2005 : Release 0.06.

    Over one year since last release ! This long delay was mainly caused by the not-so-easy port to Mac OSX. Now that the Linux and OSX versions share the same source code, and that they are pretty stable and somewhat usable, I think the time is right for the 0.06 release.

    This version doesn't bring many new features to the application. In fact, the main new features are
    • the OSX version, using the native carbon interface
    • the binary release, so that you don't have to go through the hassles of compiling the source code. Just download the executable, install and (hopefully without too many troubles) run
    • more stability
    • history buttons
    • ...
    So, check-out the Roadmap webpage for the full release notes, and jump to the download page to get your copy.
    As usual, any feedback -- good or bad -- is highly appreciated at

    Enjoy !

    December 5th, 2004 : Release 0.05.

    Tadaaa ! After 5 long months, here it is ! The new source release, bringing many bug fixes and the powerful inheritance system... Download it, check out the Released Notes and give it a try !

    Beware that the mysql++ library isn't supported anymore, in favor of libmysqlclient which is much more common on linux machines.
    The setup process is still the same, but now the program is relocatable to any of /usr/bin /usr/local/bin, or your homedir...

    Any feedback -- good or bad -- is always highly appreciated : mail me at


    June 12th, 2004 : Release 0.04.

    Apart from a few minor issues, the whole soft is now stable enough for a new release.
    I hope the compilation will now be easier, so that more people can test the program.

    This release brings a new database plug in which allows accessing Mysql databases using the libMysqlClient library, instead of libMysql++ (which is sometimes tricky to setup,whereas libMysqlClient is delivered by default with Mysql..). Check the INSTALL file for instructions on how to compile it.

    I badly need your feedback ! I don't have the time and hardware to test on many linux distributions, so I need users' feedback. Let me know whether you succeeded or not in setting it up, the problems you encountered, what you like or dislike, what you expected from Goozzee, features you'd like to see ... Please mail me at The more feedback, the better I can improve this soft !

    I don't know yet what next release will bring. Could be inheritance in topic classes, a history button, a shortcuts tool bar, or anything else .... So if you have a preference, just mail me ! I'd rather implement a feature useful to someone, than working for nuts.

    See you

    April 4th, 2004 : Release 0.03.

    Time for a new source release. 0.03 brings properties which will allow you to store atomic data into your topic maps. Still, goozzee won't compile easily on recent Linux distributions. You'll have to tweak the sources and the Makefiles. Even though some serious bugs are still floating around, the whole stuff should be far more stable than the previous release.

    Next release shouldn't bring any new feature : I'm going to focus on the remaining bugs, and play with automake/autoconf, trying to make Goozzee compilable on most linux machines.


    December 30th, 2003 : Release 0.02.

    After one month chasing the bugs, the time has come for a new source release, now that everything seems pretty stable. Don't expect tremendous changes : apart from a few new features, this is mainly a bug fix release. See the release note on the download page for more details.
    Next release should bring a Properties page in each topic, to store atomic data (ex. : dates, prices, quantities ...).

    CU within a few weeks !

    November 30th, 2003 : First source release.

    The first goozzee source distribution is now available for download. It should compile like a charm (once you've setup Mysql++ and wxWidgets on your machine). Included in the distribution gzipped file are a little installation manual and a png file showing the layout of the database.

    Enjoy !

    November 27th, 2003 : Goozzee's goin'out !

    The website is going live today.
    It's small & sober, but should be enough to answer most early questions about Goozzee..
    I still have to fix a few bits & bytes, but the first source release should follow within a few days, so stay tuned !

    Buzz, MG (Main Goozzer).